June 2017 | Edinburgh | London | Paris

Calling all Producers, Broadcasters and Publishers

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television and co-host Propeller TV, invites you to attend the '2017 China Film & TV Conference' on 5th June in Edinburgh, 6th June in London and 8th June in Paris.

The event will highlight the cultural exchange between China and UK. This year’s conference builds on the success of the previous edition in 2015, creating a co-production platform for those working in film, TV and the publishing industry, as well as showcasing the best films, TV and published works China has to offer. 

The event unites leading Chinese delegates to exchange and share knowledge on Chinese film, TV and publishing. Our mission is to engage and encourage communication between Chinese and British governments, media companies and book and publishing sales agencies. The event will provide an outreach through a bilateral co-production platform and promote cultural exchange in partnership with China.