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Yukun Ba

COO, B&T Co., Ltd.

B&T was founded in 2005 by Tsinghua University friends Tidus(梁旋)and Breath(张春). Breaking into the cartoon industry with BOBOTOTO, B&T have gone on to produce animation movies that charms young and old audiences alike, with captivating characters, stories, and worlds. Their recent epic fantasy animated film Big Fish & Begonia achieved massive success in China in 2016. B&T have gained critical acclaim in China’s creative industry and are ‘leading the future of Chinese animation movies’.

Yanming Liu

Founder and Chairman, Beijing Hairun Pictures Co.,Ltd.

After enduring many years of success in TV production, Hairun Pictures Co. opened up a new avenue in China’s film industry in 2010. Led by Mr. Liu Yanming, Hairun has established a complete production chain from planning, production, finance, marketing and promotion and have already produced and collected almost 50 film copyrighted screenplays. Hairun Picture are also actively involved in copyright development and international cooperation.

Junhong Qi

Chairman, Beijing Motie Books Co., Ltd.

Beijing Motie Book Company Ltd. provides comprehensive publishing services for print and digital. The Company publishes books, internet literature, manuscripts and are involved in copyright development.

Xiaofeng Ren

Chairman, Guoyun Culture (Beijing Feng Jajuan Culture Communication) Co., Ltd.

Guoyun Culture is China’s leading entertainment supplier, providing services in theatre, TV and music videos that cover the entire entertainment industry chain. Their main lines of business include investment, TV show production, entertainment marketing, talent management, and fan management. 

Guijun Wang

Vice President, Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC)

Founded in 2008, PWPIC is one of the top TV drama production houses in the nation. It engages in production, distribution and marketing of film and TV content. They also cover advertising content and merchandising, as well as talent management. PWPIC produces between 600-800 episodes of TV dramas every year, most of which air on satellite TV prime time. PWPIC released its first movie Sophie’s Revenge in 2009 (starring Zhang Ziyi, Fan BingBing), which became the highest grossing Chinese romantic comedy until that time. Then in 2011, the company broke record again with its small budget film Love Is Not Blind.

Ying Wang

Vice President, Wink Media (Beijing 21st Century Wink Media Co., Ltd)

Wink Media (Beijing 21st Century Wink Media Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2009, since then it has become an established brand in the film industry. Running joint development in multiple areas—investment, creation, production, post-movie development and media operation of movie, TV drama and internet drama. In December 2015, Wink Media was officially listed in NEEQ.

Lili Wei

Executive Vice President, Ciwen Media Co., Ltd

Ciwen Media is a large scale entertainment media group uniting 13 branches of film and TV, animation, games, etc. Ciwen Media is dedicated to contemporary and traditional Chinese culture in modern digital forms of expression, producing and distributing media content including television and motion pictures.

Jing Xiang

Director of International Department, Beijing Hualu Baina (HLBN)Film & TV Co.,Ltd

HLBN is an integrated cultural media company that enjoys an excellent reputation for its high quality works in film and TV production and operation. It also engages in brand content marketing, as well as sports entertainment. HLBN is primarily engaged in investment, production and distribution of TV dramas.

Lan Xiong

CEO, Beijing CCTV Splendid Film and TV Corp. Ltd

Beijing CCTV Splendid Film and TV Corp specialize in creative digital media and high technology in TV and film. Covering all aspects of production, investment, digital marketing, advertising strategy etc. Clients include some of the biggest media brands in China, such as Sohu, Tencent, Youku, Tudou and iQiyi. 

Hongliang Xuan

Associated secretary-general, Capital Copyright Industry Alliance (CICA) 

CCIA founded in 2013 is a non-profit organization, established by experts working across the creative industry and other relevant industries to improve the intellectual property. Local government is able to work closely with copyright industries through CCIA.   

Lei Yang

President, Dream East Cultural Entertainment Group

DreamEast is a world-leading multinational cultural and entertainment group with branches in Beijing, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It combines resources around the world from creative talents, technology and advanced concepts for a core mission to "introduce Chinese culture to the world”. DreamEast have established a complete industrial chain spanning from areas of cultural tourism, film, animation, shows and games.

Weiguang Yang

Manager of The government cooperation division, Heyi information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Youku Tudou Inc.)

Youku Tudou is the result of the 2012 merger of 2 major Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou. It operates as an Internet television company in the People’s Republic of China. Its internet television platform enables users to search, view, and share all kinds of video content across various devices.

Maoxi Ye

Chairman of XiKing Culture and Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., President of Board of Members of Propeller TV Ltd. UK

Founded in 2009, Xiking is devoted to bringing Chinese culture to the international stage. Xiking has an established multi-media broadcasting platform in TV, radio, digital magazine and new media. It is actively involved showcasing Chinese culture to the world and international cultural exchange in digital media.

Shuai Yu

Founder and CEO, Glarelink Media Ltd.

Glarelink specializes in a range of technical film services, including media planning, copywriting, filming, editing, color grading, dubbing and design. It has previously collaborated with famous Chinese film directors such as Dongsheng Er and Anhua Xu.  

Yi Zhao

President, HS Entertainment Group Incorporated

HS Entertainment Founded in 2005, has an integrated business model covering various segments of the industry value chain, including IP operation, project planning and development, film and TV series production, animation production, marketing, distribution and talent management.


*Please note the delegates names are in alphabetical order in last name.*